Installation of New Officers
“Our Service in the NAASC”

Leader: We, the alumnae of Spelman College, embrace the National Alumnae Association of Spelman College’s mission to support Spelman College through financial gifts, student recruitment, and sisterhood. We further pledge to serve as leaders in our community.

Response: We, the alumnae of Spelman College, pledge our support of the NAASC mission.

Leader: We recognize that the Alumnae Association is a product of love and undying commitment to maintain the alumnae connection.

Response: For the vision of Clara Howard who saw the need to organize the alumnae clubs, we are grateful. We pledge our service to the purpose of the National Alumnae Association of Spelman College.

Leader: We recognize our talents and skills as a means to promote the growth and development of alumnae through leadership opportunities. We recognize the need to keep an active connection with our Alma Mater through continual involvement with the life of the campus.

Response: We dedicate our time to providing leadership training and development and to connecting with students through our programs and activities.

Leader: Spelman will continue to soar to heights supreme and true as long as we maintain our commitment.

Together: We, the alumnae of Spelman College, honor the privilege to serve in the National Alumnae Association of Spelman College. To this end, we dedicate our minds, our hearts, and our hands that Spelman College will benefit from our professional resources, our lasting bond of friendship, and our continual financial support. Although our efforts are often united, our pledge is an individual commitment. We share a continuing commitment to excellence.

Clarissa Parrish, C'96      

Kera Street, C'2008         

Columbia, MD  
Lasheka Brown-Bassey, C'99    

Sharon Neal, C'80            

Hampton Roads               
Sherrian Banks, C'95

Chapters & Presidents

Regional Officers

Our Mission

The National Alumnae Association of Spelman College (NAASC) is the official organization that supports Spelman College, a historically black college for women, through financial gifts, student recruitment, sisterhood, community service, and recognition of Spelman women. The Association provides, encourages and promotes growth and development of alumnae through leadership opportunities and partnership alliances. NAASC actively seeks to involve all former students and graduates in the fulfillment of its purpose.

In carrying out the direction of NAASC, the Northeast Region is committed to maintaining extraordinary sisterhood and service. The sisterhood among Spelman alumnae is far-reaching and transcends generations, traditions and continents. Many extraordinary stories of friendship, love and commitment exist among Spelman sisters and the Northeast Region is committed to sharing and celebrating these bonds in all that we do.

Our mission is to unite and promote collaboration, partnership and information exchange among NAASC chapters throughout Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New England, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Virginia.

​Northeast Regional Coordinator
Latecia Engram, C'92

Northeast Regional Delegates
Jineki Butler-Clark, C'94
Brustina Dillard, C'83

Northeast Regional Treasurer
Raveen Seaton, C’94

Northeast Regional Secretary
Nicole Williams, C’2000

NAASC ​Northeast Region​
Conference 2016

New England    
Michelle Mays, C'2004  

New York           
Arri Shelton-Edwards, C'2003     

Northern NJ      
Tia Troutman, C'96          

Northern VA     
Natalie Bailey, C'2003    

Camille Murphy, C'2007

Patricia Jones, C'90         

Southern MD    
Daria Valentine, C'2000 

Washington, DC               
Kerstin Roper, C'2005    

Westchester Co., NY             
Nicole Meteau Allen, C'2001