​​NAASC Leadership Webinar: “The True Blue Promise: Alumnae Donor Giving”
​Jessie Brooks, Spelman College VP Office of Institutional Advancement
Sunday, December 15, 2019 at 8 pm EDT

Bylaws Committee
The Regional Bylaws Committee is responsible for reviewing current regional bylaws, reviewing any submitted amendments, and proposing these amendments.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee develops a budget for the region and recommends financial policies. 

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee strategizes and implements activities to increase and engage membership throughout the region in conjunction with Chapter Membership Chairs. 

IT/Communications Committee
The IT/Communications Committee is responsible for maintaining the region's social media accounts & website and producing the region newsletter.

The Fundraising Committee develops and implements fundraising activities for Regional Conference expenses.

​Email us at naascneregion@gmail.com to apply. 

NAASC ​Northeast Region​


Visit the About Us page to link with NAASC chapters in the Northeast Region and keep abreast of the latest chapter events. 


We're looking for a few good alumnae!

​Join a NAASC Northeast committee to share your experiences and expertise, connect with fellow alumnae and collaborate with your peers on programs and initiatives aimed at advancing NAASC - all while developing skills that will benefit you both personally and professionally.

​NAASC Northeast is looking to recruit volunteers for each of the following committees: 

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